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Autumn wishlist 2012 by clairecalavera featuring crop topsJersey dress / Boyfriend cardigan, $16 / Crop top, $13 / Acid wash jeans / Lace up boots / Satchel handbag, $4.83 / Cameo  jewelry / Watercolor Painting / Custom Personalized Silhouette Cat - 12 x 16 Black Framed Art with… / Magical Black, $22 / The Wildcat Collection Ltd, the worlds number 1 supplier of high…, $6.44
Check out this beautiful new Hell Bunny Mexico swing dress - for any rockabilly/dia de los muertos fans out there, this one is for you!
Available in sizes 8 - 22
Available on ebay and from Kate’s Clothing:
Pretty in Pink by clairecalavera featuring flower hair accessoriesJoe Browns coat, £80Hair accessory, $5The Cutest Girly Purses, $40Dr. Martens 1B99 14 Eye Zip Boot -, 130 AUDKut N Beauty Online Store: Special Effects Cupcake Pink, $9.99
I want these for my wedding <3
“If you stop chasing your dream, you’re already dead.”
Today I received my order from cult make up brand Illamasqua. It came exquisitely packaged, enveloped in black tissue paper and accompanied by a visually rich catalogue in a black box. It is possibly the gothiest parcel I have ever received, and this is coming from someone who once received a box from the US covered in halloween stickers. This is no bad thing, of course, and quite befitting of the contents.

My earlier picture post, the sneak peek of this year’s Halloween costume, was taken during a trial make up run for my outfit. This year I have decided to do a costume which I have wanted to do for a number of years - an undead Marie Antoinette. I decided to make her a vampire this year, as my party theme is Vampire Masquerade. For this costume I need white face make up; my regular pale palette just isn’t going to cut it this time. In previous years, for geisha costumes and my Dia de los Muertos costumes, I have required white face make up and I have always been disappointed with the products chosen. I first tried Snazaroo facepaint, but this produced a patchy result which didn’t last the night. A few years ago I purchased Stargazer’s White pressed face powder and layered this on top of my regular foundation. This produced a pale and chalky, somewhat uneven result, but it did the job of giving me a pale face. This year I wanted to invest in a proper white foundation or base. I decided to give Manic Panic's “Goth White” Cream Powder Foundation a try, and was quite crestfallen when it popped through my letterbox. The pot is a lot smaller than I had envisioned and it feels like greasepaint to apply. The coverage is not very thick and it has a powdery, chalky texture. After that disappointment, I considered ordering the Virgin white liquid foundation by Manic Panic, but after reading several online reviews I felt it wasn’t going to achieve my desired result either.

Last year, being a MAC girl, I had hoped to try their Pure White Chromacake product after seeing it used on a Youtube Sugar Skull make up tutorial. As it is a professional only product, I wasn’t able to purchase it from our local store so when I next went to London, I popped into their Pro branch in West Soho. I was disappointed by their customer service and after 20 minutes of waiting patiently, left empty handed.

And so I came across Illamasqua. I didn’t visit their site specifically for the white foundation I wanted, rather nosing out of curiosity. Their site is filled with dramatic make up looks, and this included a perfectly porcelain face. As it turns out, they make their Rich foundation in White, which looked ideal. Whilst I was there, I also purchased a pair of their false eyelashes in Grandeur, from the new “Theatre of the Nameless” collection, which are dramatic but elegant. I can’t wait to wear them! 

I am so pleased with both products, even after only swatching the foundation on the back of my hand, I’ve found the consistency to be slightly thicker than my regular daily MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, but with a good white coverage even on the first application. A couple of layers should give me the perfect base (I hope) but this will require a proper test run. The eyelashes are truly beautiful - being handcrafted, they are a world away from their cheaper counterparts. Although these products err on the expensive side of the spectrum, I see them as quality pieces which are an investment for my make up collection.

If you haven’t already, do check out Illamasqua: if not to purchase then just to look at their beautiful collections and there are also some great video tutorials. Illamasqua present themselves as being “make up for your alter ego”, and they certainly are just that.